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Is marriage necessary of each individual? Can world not survive without marriages? Can a loving couple not live together through out their life without getting married? These are some questions which forces a person to think about the reasons to get married.

Let us look at some of the reasons why people prefer to get married:

  1. On attaining adulthood, young boy and girl may feel the strong urge for sex. To satisfy this urge, they may seek alliance.

  2. Adults may not like to live with their parents. They may marry to fulfil their wishes to live freely.

  3. In few circumstances where parents are not alive, adults may require to ease their loneliness and thus get married.

  4. Young girls have strong desire for motherhood. This is another reason for girls to get married.

  5. When young couple falls in love, they have natural desire for mutual bonding in the form of marriage as a token of their love. This is a natural gender-attraction and fulfils the desire of an individual for lifetime companion. For girls, marriage provides lifetime protection as well financial stability.

  6. In some cases, immigration can force a person to get married.

Different thought process of men and women

Not only physical constitution but thought process of a man and woman differs from each other. There are certain areas of preferences and actions for each of them. Men have their own choices and preferences which are not alike women. For a smooth married life, it is necessary and wise for both of them to understand the though pattern and action of the other partner. Interference by both, man and woman, should be avoided as far as possible in the said thought process of each other.

Now let us discuss it further. Men are usually inspired by subjective things and actions related to it. Women, on the other hand, believe in the importance of relations and matters related to their own family. The centre point of a woman life lies around her family. Men take more interest in outer activities, politics and sports etc. while women prefer to think about their home activities. You might have observed that young boys prefer to play with toy gun while young girl wants a doll for her leisure time. Though men and women are made for each other but both have diversified field and approach towards life. To avoid any friction in the married life relations both should be careful and considerate.

A clear difference can be seen when a man and a woman goes to shopping. Generally man has a set goal in his mind. If he has to purchase a lock, he will simply go to the shop, will select one, pay the cost and return home.

A woman may also go for shopping with a specific goal such as purchasing a new set of bangles. She would like to visit three or four stores that sell bangles. After selecting bangles of her choice, she would like to enjoy some snacks of her choice and then return back home.

The above example indicates the general nature and approach towards action of both man and woman. Both should accept and understand the feelings of each other and should not force their views on the other.