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[They] will have medium stature and plump body .

The forehead will be broad, neck thick and stout, eyes bright, hair dark, complexion clear.

They will be solidly built with big shoulders and muscles well developed.

the natives of this lagna have great endurance and patience

  • but when provoked they become angry and vicious like a bull.

They are slow and steady, plodding and persevering, patient and persistent.

They are conservative . They do not waste their energy.

  • They have a strong will. They are not impulsive.

If there are bad influences on the lagna they become lazy and self-indulgent.

They are fond of good food and are very much after money and other worldly possessions.

They are ambitious, cheerful and fond of enjoyment.

  • They are fortunate and are favorites of Goddess Lakshmi .

They are sexy but they are steadfast in their love.

They are fond of music, arts, cinema, drama, etc.

They like to hoard money and are cautious in spending .

Their married life is generally happy. "