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Devastrology specializes in a modern day interpretation of Vedic Astrology principles. We aim to help you in your quest towards personal growth, health, spirituality, mindfulness and more. To unleash the potential within, one has to first realize we are limited only by ourselves. Each human being is born on this planet with a unique blueprint which contains information about their physical, emotional and mental make-up. This blueprint is your Vedic birth chart.

In India the science of astrology is called Jyotish, which in Sanskrit means “Inner Light”. It is the study of man’s response to the light waves which emanate from the planets and the stars. It is derived from the traditions of ancient India. Vedic astrology is intimately linked to the concept of karma. The horoscope reveals one’s past karma: our “unalterable past and its probable future results.” It also shows the way to overcome these karmic patterns by directing our efforts towards personal growth, healing, and self-transformation.

Life is a mix of Fate and Free Will. Knowing the What, the How, and the When, you can maximize the success of your own efforts. It’s like reading a giant cosmic clock. When is the right time to act to ensure success? The planets against the backdrop of stars form a multi-hand clock that the skilled astrologer can read to tell when the window of opportunity opens up for you, and in what part of life.

Your Vedic birth chart has the code to the human psyche and each person’s natal chart explains why he/she behaves in certain ways in certain situations. The question is not “when will bad things stop happening in my life”, but instead try asking “why are bad things happening in my life”. The answer is simple and its coded into your own personal natal chart, as unique to you as your fingerprint. When you understand the reason why your psyche reacts to situations in certain ways, you can help your soul break out of the constant karmic cycle of cause and effect, and rise into enlightenment. Helping you get there is the sole intent of all of us here at


Parents are really concerned on the delay in marriage of their children particularly in case of daughters who grow older and older to get higher studies and to settle herself in career and a desired and respectable job as well. This has become a common phenomenon where girls do not find a suitable match at the age of say 28 and 29 years and sometimes we come across cases where girls cross even their 34 or 35 years and and find themselves deprived of the marriage bliss....  read more

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