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The body of the native of this lagna is well proportioned.

  • Hands are generally long.

  • The stature is above average.

  • Face is broad with commanding appearance.

  • Such natives have generally a good personality.

  • [He is] a particularly determined individual.

He will crush the obstacles before him and move forward .

  • He has a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence.

  • He is emotional but possesses remarkable intuitive power.

  • He has self assertion, courage , resolution, independence and forcefulness .

  • He is highly sexy and has relations with many women.

A good Vrizchika native evinces great interest in occult science s and spiritual experiments.

  • the natives of this lagna have a harsh tongue .

  • they are revengeful and vindictive .

  • they love to criticize Others and establish their superiority .

The domestic life of a person with this lagna can be happy

  • only if every member of the family is submissive to him