We are also giving jyotish vidya classes for each and every age group

"[They] grow tall with age and have a well proportioned body.

  • Their limbs are slender but strong.

  • Their appearance is graceful and attractive.

  • They get bald in adult age

  • Their nose is like that of a parrot.

  • the natives of this lagna are level headed .

  • They weigh the merits and demerits of a subject and then express their decision.

  • They are constructive critics.

They are reasonable and just.

  • They are also modest, refined and gentle.

  • They love happy and harmonious life.

They want peace at all costs.

  • They seldom lose their temper.

  • They like changes in their life and environment.

  • They are popular and have a spirit of sacrifice in them.

They have fertile imagination, correct intuition , brilliant intellect and pleasant nature.

  • They are fond of good things and comforts.

  • Their domestic and married life is generally happy.

  • They love their home, family and property. "