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.. Simha lagna has well developed bones and a broad forehead.

He is of moderate stature, well built and muscular .

  • His appearance is dignified, imposing and commanding.

Persons born with this lagna are generally noble, large hearted, magnanimous and generous.

  • They are helpful to mankind.

They have great faith in friends and relatives .

They become head of the organization with which they are connected.

  • If they are in government or any commercial organization, they attain high positions there.

They do not talk much.

They are fond of authority and are brilliant and ambitious.

  • They are firm in their thinking and attitudes.

  • When they are angry, they roar like lions.

They are spendthrifts .

They have capacity to face adverse circumstances.

They want to maintain their authority in their household.

  • Very often their married life is not happy .

They enjoy sound health if there are no bad influences on the lagna or Ravi, the lord of this lagna."