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Jupiter represents education, wisdom, wealth, happiness and knowledge in Vedic Astrology. This is also considered as a highly beneficial planet. Jupiter bestows with everything best if it is favorably placed in the horoscope of a person. His nature signifies growth and development. The person under his influence will be lucky, fortunate, religious, successful and generous with high moral values.

Jupiter is considered as Guru in Indian Astrology as Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Guru means one which is vast and great. Jupiter is the ruler of the two signs Sagittarius and Pisces. He is exalted in Cancer Sign and debilitated in Capricorn. Occupation wise Jupiter signifies its influences on priests and teachers.

Negative Jupiter in a horoscope indicates pessimism, depression, and exhaustion. Color is yellow and gemstone is Yellow Sapphire. He takes one year to complete his orbit path.

Auspiciousness of this planet can be judged from the fact that his aspect on any malefic planet reduces his bad effect to sufficient degree. He has the power to balance the ill effect of malefic planets.

In the horoscope of a woman, Jupiter is the significator (Karak) of his husband and happy married life. If posited in a favorable position, it ensures happy relations in married life. In an adverse situation, he makes a woman adamant and arrogant causing damage to her married life.

Jaundice and liver problems are caused by the ill effect of this planet. If placed in 12th house, he gives moksha after death. Other details are given in tabular form as under: