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They are tall, upright and have a straight body, the hands being long.

  • Their complexion is moderate, fair or dark.
  • The eyes look sharp and active .
  • The nose is long.

Persons with this lagna live mostly in mind .

  • They are carefree and joyous.
  • Their mind is positive and strong.

They are versatile, restless and like change very often .

  • They are good readers and writers .
  • They can adapt themselves to all kinds of circumstances.
  • They like to travel frequently .

They are always of two minds and are incapable of taking quick decisions.

  • They are able to follow more than one occupation at a time.
  • Although they are fickle-minded , they possess intellectual qualities.
  • They are curious to know new things.

They are good husbands ."