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"[They] are generally emaciated and weak and grow slowly.

  • Their body will not be plump or muscular but slender.

  • A native of this lagna grows tall suddenly on becoming young

    • and his constitution improves with age.

    His nose is long and eyes deep-set.

  • The hair is coarse.

They are economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and practical minded.

  • He is methodical, slow, steady and patient.

  • He is calculative and business- like.

  • A Makara native is capable of taking quick decisions.

  • He will have push and confidence.

He has special organizing capacity and a lot of tolerance.

  • He will be honest, sincere and reliable unless the lagna has evil influence on it.

    In the latter case he will become dishonest, selfish and even criminal.

[They] have to face lot of obstacles, difficulties and hindrances,

  • but they are capable of overcoming them.

They are hard workers and are able to consolidate their position sooner or later.

They generally marry late, but prove good husbands and father of many children."