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" the natives of this lagna are of middle stature.

  • They possess a lean and muscular body.

  • They are neither stout nor thick.

  • Their complexion is rough and they have a fairly long neck and face.

  • They have bushy eyebrows and have a sharp sight.

They are active and ambitious, bold and impulsive.

Sometimes on account of a bad influence on Mars, the lord of this lagna, they become rash and aggressive.

With good influences on the lagna they become confident, courageous, enterprising with high aims and also liberal.

  • They have determination and force of character.

  • They have executive ability but they make changes often.

  • They are very optimistic.

  • They are good lovers and have a charm which attracts the opposite sex.

With bad influences on the lagna, they become passionate and jealous and go astray